Sunday, May 22, 2011

Deck Beams are Finished - On to Laying the Deck

Yesterday (Sat.) the last deck beam was bolted on so the crew took a moment to relax.

Yesterday the last deck beam was bolted down paving the way for carlins, stud beams and mast partners which will support the hatches and the masts respectively. Today, Chuck Redman has been working on the gammon knee so the bow is starting to look really good. This is going to be a productive time and once the deck is ready than the crew will begin putting the deck down. That goes fairly quickly and it should be interesting to see the shipwrights actually walking around on the deck.  Photos (below) were taken last week  by Dan Tobyne.

Justin is bringing up a clamp
Clamp is coming up the staging

Clamp coming through

The Bow
Zack,16, went to his prom on Friday night but a week or so before he borrowed Harold's top hat and tails. Looking good Zack, on the Ardelle and in the end, he was the best dressed guy at the prom!

Daisy and her favorite. Chuck

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