Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Great Weekend Forecast Means Deck May Go Down Soon

Eric Borden's "Sawdust" - rebult last year in the barn, taken this a.m. by Laurie F.

Bernie Power in the barn - Congrats as his daughter gets married this weekend!

Bruce Silfer sitting with James Green...Bruce's daugher is also getting married very soon!

James Green just joined the crew - en route from Japan. He just got married but is taking a week or so to work with us..thanks, James!

The Turnabout has to get a mast on and get in the water

Harold's truck across the marsh and an old Essex style house

Today, May 23, was the first really warm, summer-day in over 300 days, the weathermen has been a long winter, cold spring and rainy everyone is happy to be outside and the long weekend is just ahead. It is a good time to come to the boatyard and have a look at what is going on but it is also a good time to say thanks to all of the great people who have been helping make this happen through the long, cold months.

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