Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sheer Strake Really Looks Good

Bernie Power, Chuck Redman, Bruce Slifer and Justin Ingersoll at the lobster lunch!

The Pinky Ardelle today with the stanchions removed and the frame heads cut down

It has been a good week or so at the boatyard. The weather has been beautiful and a lot of work has been done. The spars have been rolling along great, the booms and gaffs Steve Willard worked on over the winter are now all painted and we have a new fore boom made. And, thanks to Henry S., Bernie Power and Bruce Slifer and our good friend Andy Spinney, a new main mast is all laminated up and ready to be rounded. Also, Justin I., Tim W., Chad and Chuck have been going at the stanchions which have all been cut and fit and removed in order to fair the sheerline in preparation for inserting the clamps and beams. Although it is a small step, somehow having the frame heads and bulkheads cut down to the sheer strake really makes the boat look a lot more finished. In an atmosphere of an almost celebratory nature, Steve Willard brought and cooked a lobster lunch complete with corn on the cob and melted butter for dipping the lobster today. Not only was it expertly cooked but he served it brilliantly, thank you Steve and thanks Harold for the apple pie for dessert. What a team!

A closer look

Steve Willard (far left) made us a great lobster meal today

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