Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Low Pressure System Means Lots of Rain but Spirits are High

From the Maine to the Ardelle ; the new, used mast

Perry Ardelle Burnham and her Dad, Harold

Master craftsman Henry Szolstak - did I spell the last name correctly yet?
 We have an extended low pressure system that is giving us lots of cold, hard rain and wind and it is meant to last all week. However, work has not slowed here as Harold is already working on the floor of the Ardelle and the bowsprit and when I marveled that he was at that point in the project, he said "well we are launching in less than six weeks!" He is going for it no matter ...and I think he is far more ready to launch than the rest of us. It is somewhat a kin to final exams and the end of the school year, it is looming and the season is changing..and I think he is ready. and It is going to be an adjustment and a ton more work will need to get done before we can start the charter business, but ..gulp...less than six weeks til the big splash? Wow, that is soon!! Stand by for an actual date..it is going to be on a weekend and will most likely be mid to late June. So, hopefully no one is going to a wedding, graduation, or birthday party in June? Good thing it is generally a slow month...with very little to do. Ha,ha.  Hopefully, you can squeeze a schooner launch into the schedule!
Chuck Redman has been focusing on the sheer line - and now the stanchions have been cut

Sanding is fun but there is a lot of other, more interesting things to do. We'll get back to it!

Perry Ardelle stands by while Harold places an order. He is expecting his pintels and gudgeons, soon.

Also, check out our plank owners here!

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