Monday, May 23, 2011

Some Great Photos of the Deck Beams

Dan Tobyne shot this on Saturday

The View from Here Looks Good

Deck Beams are All Bolted Down Now
Low Tide and a forlorn view of the Pinky Maine..stripped of her masts and soon her cabin tops

Daisy is in the hunt
Today we had a visitor named James who until about four days ago was living in Japan and he has returned now to the states. He was reading the website and blog while in Japan and he just wanted to come here, and sort of make his re-entry into the USA with a few days in Essex and he will be around for the next few days and he has been a huge help already. He seems to like it here, too!

Dan Tobyne came by on a rainy morning ...and he said he likes to shoot when the skies are grey...and he took some great photos. There is a lot going on..all good..and we think the sun will come out this week some. The midwest of the country has had the worst weather of all..devastating tornadoes destroying entire towns so we cannot complain anymore about some rain.

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