Monday, May 30, 2011

The Deck is Being Cut and Fit!

The day started with Steve Willard showing up and rounding over the bottom of the deck beams  followed by another Marbleheader Davis Griffith who arrived early and spent the whole day here. He chopped off the stern post and along with Jeff Lane, and Zack Teal; they started laying the deck! Meanwhile, cleaning and painting continued of the interior with much of today's work done by the whole Redman clan including Sarah, Frankie, and Julia along with their dad Chuck who has been building the schooner Ardelle with us since early August - through thick and thin - including a somewhat bad collision last night with his car (not his fault). So, he had a few aches and pains today, but worked an entire day and a lot got done. Thank you Chuck!

The deck is being cut and fit!

Chuck Redman and Davis Griffith

Harold poses with his mother, Maria Burnham

Bruce Slifer also came by and helped with some more bolting and planing the covering boards and also helped with the painting. Henry Szostek also came by and helped fix a lot of our power planes and cords in addition to dropping off the gudgeons for the rudder which were , patterned by Eric Borden, cast at the Edsen company and machined by Henry. All seem to agree that they are beautiful and will take whatever comes for as long as the boat lasts.

The boat is looking great and everyone is walking on the deck now as it is put in place. Also, thanks to Capt. Tom Hastings for coming by and painting, as well as Perry and Cole and Jackson who helped paint the engine room. Great job and thanks to everyone who worked through a national holiday when the beach and other summer things beckoned. Also, today is Memorial Day so we also remember all of our veterans.

Charles Burnham and Eunice Dock - Eunice grew up in Essex but lives in Alaska. She visits every summer...welcome back Eunice!

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