Monday, May 2, 2011

Next on the Horizon - Deck Beams and Clamps

Bruce Slifter sands the large spar

Old mast hoops from the main

Everything Is Caulked

Chuck Redman is now out of the loft and working on the side of the boat

Bow looks great

Spars and Hoops
The Ardelle looks particularly fine today as Harold and the crew sawed off the frames and least to the deck line so the vessel has a a really sweet shape now. The stanchions are almost all in and the crew is getting ready to begin putting in the deck beams..not yet but Harold says it will go quickly and the beams are ready.

The shipwrights are in the barn building the new mast, and the spars are oiled and painted and the sails are made. Harold was feeling quite optimistic today..fingers crossed...and he is very happy with the progress of the vessel to date.

Schooner Ardelle hourly update
Time Lapse photo taken today at 3 p.m.

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