Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Deck Structure Top Priority this Week

Bernie Noon and the crew have done a great job cleaning the blocks

Chuck and Harold work on the gammon knee

A nice view of the deck beams and deck structure

Chuck works on the gammon knee

Insert mast here!

Harold and Chuck work on the bow

Blocks and tools 

Bernie Noon varnished all the blocks..and hung them to dry. They look great.
The crew is making great headway with the deck structure this week as well as the there is a lot of interesting and intricate work going on at the Burnham yard. Over the Memorial Day weekend, the work should be ongoing so stop by. Harold thinks it is possible, but not definite, that he can start putting the deck down this coming weekend. Here's hoping.  Please also come by the store or check out our trunnels and plank certificates on the Schooner

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