Monday, May 9, 2011

Steam Jenny is Running Again Today

New masthoops are going to look beautiful
The steam jenny (above) is running again today.
The staging keeps getting higher and higher
Chuck Redman worked in the loft until the sails were complete ...

... but he is now happy to be working on the vessel again.

Scary Clown likes to be a part of the fun
The aft "clamps" are on and look good.

The steam jenny is running again today as the shipwrights are steaming wood to be fastened as "clamps" between the interior frames. There will also be frames fastened to the stanchions and all will be fastened off with a cap rail eventually...but this process is going well and Harold hopes to get five clamps in today and by the end of the week he may be ready to focus on the deck. The weather is cooperating and everyone had their coffee outside today which really makes it feel like May. Today we have a full crew working including John Miles, Justin Ingersoll, Chuck Redman, Bruce Slifer and Bernie Power. Harold made chili for lunch and he has not let us know if it is his famous "New England chili" Stomachs will soon know for sure. 

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