Monday, June 28, 2010

Sawdust Under Sail Off Gloucester

Dick MacKinnon wrote to Harold recently and sent in this great picture of the Sawdust under sail and said to post the photo and comments. Thanks, Dick. Here is the story: Bob Porter and I were out sailing in Willow today and we encountered Sawdust, which we watched you launch from your shop. She is beautiful! Would you please forward this on to her owner and feel free to add it to your web site if you wish. Thanks for allowing us to watch the launch from your shop.  - Dick MacKinnon

Note: The Haverhill Gazette also did a nice story on Eric Borden and Burnham Boatbuilding in thier most recent issue last Thursday. Check it out! 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sawdust Splashes in Picture Perfect Time

Eric Borden and his whole family were on hand to watch the yawl "Sawdust" hit the water around 6 p.m. on Saturday evening this past weekend. It was a beautiful sight to see and their late father Carroll N. Borden, who originally built but never actually sailed on the boat, would have been very proud. It was a lovely and emotional moment for the family when Eric's sister christened the boat with champagne and then off Sawdust went down the rails. The family, along with Harold, took the boat for a little river cruise as the sunset. They will have some absolutely awesome sailing days ahead. Congratulations!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sawdust Will Launch on Sat., June 19 at High Tide (6 p.m.)

Barn doors will open and the "Sawdust" (top photo taken by Tia Schlaikjer) will launch from inside.
Pictured below is the "Sawdust" going into the barn in October. Wait until she comes out the front doors into the basin, looking great!

Burnham Boatbuilding is pleased to announce the launch of a custom-built 25-foot gaff-rigged yawl originally built by the late Carroll N. Borden of Haverhill and finished by his son, Eric Borden also of Haverhill, MA The Borden family are long time residents of Haverhill, Carroll N. Borden served as a Haverhill firef...ighter and built a superb yawl that Eric has long wanted to complete and he has been working with Harold since late fall on this family treasure and it is sure a beauty. The yawl, named "Sawdust" will launch this Sat., June 19 at 6 p.m. (high tide) from the barn doors of Burnham Boatbuilding in Essex into the Essex River basin. The Essex Shipbuilding museum will offer a great vantage point for both photographers . This is the first barn launch since 2002 so it should be interesting...and the yawl is beautiful so if the light is right it could make a nice photo op. from here or the museum side!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Paella in the Boatyard

OK, the author of this blog, pictured above, had a milestone birthday on May 31, (and Harold's birthday was June 1) so we had a stellar party with the most excellent paella cooked by Davis Griffith of Marblehead. We also had steamed clams dug the day before by Harold and Alden, and homemade baked beans and ham supplied by Carol Fulleton (whose secret recipe is sought-after by the finest Marblehead cooks according to a recent story in the Dawn Bucket column in the Marblehead Reporter). There was also corn bread, roasted vegetables, chicken wings (thank you Lily from California!) and many other delicious things to eat. It was a great party and people traveled from Chicago, Ct (thanks Wendy, David and Jo!) and everyone made a great effort to come while likely  giving up other Memorial Day plans so it was a great day and all of the friends and family who came made it a very memorable one. Thank you Pam, Deb, Mom, Dad, and Harold for the kayak!! I love it. Oh, and Deb and Michel outdid themselves with the most awesome cakes.  All we needed was a sudden microburst and a green sky and it would have felt like Harold's 40th...a few years ago...if only I could turn back the clock! Thank you, Wendy Upton, for the photos!