Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Grandma's House

Over the river and through the Dubai!

Louis Vuitton is putting on a spectacular sailing event..the last ever in AC monohulls...on to multihulls in 2013

A world traveling French sailor and a tea drinking Dubai native have fun with some rope work and a teapot.
Harold is still working hard in the yard but Laurie is in Dubai on a wonderful press trip sponsored by Louis Vuitton. The scenery is very distinct and there is a lot of nice beaches, mellow feeling to the place and plenty of shops, souks, restaurants, and coffe shops.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Saturday So There Must Be Some Frames Going Up

Yesterday was a good day in the boatyard as Harold and the gang finished up two more frames. Around 4 p.m. Harold went and banged on our neighbors doors and John Symonds and Simon Koch came out to help, John Drake , David Brown and Jeff Lane walked over from work they were doing at the Essex Shipbuilding museum, Henry S.. and Jake Heard came by, Zach and Aaron Snyder were helping out all day, Pierre Erhard and Chuck Redman, and finally Chuckie Burnham all pitched in. As of today, there are 14 frames up and when we asked Harold how many more were needed his answer was "as many as it takes" but the good news is the frames get smaller now and are slightly easier to put together and carry. Great day, and thanks to everyone who dropped what they were doing when they heard the shout Frame Up!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Four Frames Went Up this Past Weekend

Last Saturday four frames went up as the sun went down. Harold and Zach pictured here.

One of the frames coming out of the barn. As you can see, they are getting just a little smaller as the framing process continues. Still heavy, though!

Eric Borden worked a long time on cutting trunnels and getting the machine up to snuff

Harold essentially nails down a frame so it stays in place until the bolting process.

Thanks to Davis Griffith and his truck, the Blue Ox, four frames went up with fewer men...still a tough day's work
Thanks to Dan Tobyne for some great shots taken last Saturday when we had a big crew here helping get four frames up. Davis Griffith arrived Sat. afternoon with the Blue Ox, his truck, and although the men carried the frames out from the barn, his truck helped move the frames into place, saving some backbreaking lifting and keeping things going til dark.  Thanks to everyone who helped out...and the schooner is really starting to take shape!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Looking over some measurements

Harold's dad Chuckie is a retired physicist so he does know a thing or two. He has been a huge help in keeping the numbers right in terms of weights and measures, etc.
 A nice view from the loft

Steve Willard drving trunnels into the frame last week.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Working 'Til Dusk

Working til dusk but four more frames went up.

Chuck Redman has been making all of the molds for the frames. Great job, Chuck!

The propellor is in.

The final sail on the Pinky Maine

Yesterday we had four frames go up and the last one was set in place after dusk. The sun does go down a lot sooner these days but it was a great day and Frances, Jeff, Zach, Davis, Chuck, Harold, Eric and some great new volunteers worked all day getting the frames out. Harold left at 6 a.m. this morning for Long Beach, Calif. where he will attend the ASTA conference which is taking place on the Queen Mary. When he returns he will have many more frames to build but they will be smaller and somewhat easier to put together. The work crew has been great and although everyone is being paid in sandwiches, turkey pie, blueberry muffins and the occassional beer, we could not do it without you. Thank you for being such extraordinary volunteers!

More pictures to come of yesterdays' work from Dan Tobyne. Stay tuned!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Picking Up the Pace Four Frames or More Going Up Tomorrow (Saturday)

Three to four frames are ready to go up tomorrow

Today's Time Lapse photo courtesy of Steven Hastings (above this one) and finally a very rare photo from the top of Mt. Washington in Pinkam Notch...the view extends all the way to the New Hampshire/Maine shoreline...see the ocean? It is kind of rare! TX, Mt. Wash Observatory!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Frames Going Up this Saturday

The tides have been so high this week the keel is getting a taste of salt
Zach is bolting the frames
Harold and his Dad, Chuck, consulting on the next step.
Chuck Redman has been making all of the molds in the loft to help build the frames
Harold getting ready to cut another frame.
A great view from did you do that, Dan?
Harold and Zach sharpening the drill bits before boring holes.
Boatbuilding is fun but it can stretch your face sometimes! Photo enhanced by Perry Ardelle Burnham.

There has been a lot of futtock making and frame building going on this week. Harold, Zach, Chuck and Bernie have been getting bronze rods through the frames, Chuck is finishing up in the loft with almost all of the frame molds and Harold is hoping to have a bit of a marathon session building frames in order to hoist three or four on Saturday. Alden had a day off from school so he helped put together a frame this week and is looking forward to the planking process and we are getting close. Geoffrey Richon and Steve Willard have been regular workers here too and are an excellent addition while Davis Griffith will be here Saturday for a mini-Frame Up day. This Saturday afternoon will be a good session here for anyone interested in helping lift a frame.  As the framing process is starting to really move along, the end is in sight. By early December, Harold hopes to start planking. So, when you see the steam box come out - it is time to plank.  All photos by Dan Tobyne. Final photo by Perry Ardelle Burnham. Perry's photography skills are also a huge asset and although this final one is just for fun, she has been documenting a lot of the work. Perry put together a power point presentation for Harold based on her photos which he used in a slideshow presentation last night at the Traditional Small Craft Association meeting. Great job, Perry!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Few Pics from the Past

Launch of the Isabella in August 2008
Harold did a lot of charters on his Friendship Sloop Chrissy over the years
Restoration of the Chrissy was done here in the yard

Harold always hauled traps when he took the Chrissy out on a charter

An old photo of a side launch...just like the one at the top of this post!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another Frame Up and Saturday Around the Yard

Zach goes over the lines for the propellor shaft. Photo by Dan Tobyne.

Getting up the eighth frame with bulkhead. Photo by Perry Ardelle Burnham

Photo by Perry Ardelle Burnham
Our time lapse photos shows the progress

The propellor is now in!  Photo by Dan Tobyne
Saturdays are always busy here and today Harold and Zach have been cutting more futtocks to continue making frames while Chuck is finishing up the molds. The second large frame with bulkhead went up this week, the propellor shaft is in and there is basically a lot of good things going on!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Everything Is Up in the Air

Bernie Power on the stern atop scaffolding.

Bernie Power gets a birds eye view of the Essex Basin
Not a bad view, at all
Harold has to get a good look down before he starts drilling. Photo by Dan Tobyne

The stern post is now bolted since this photo was taken. Photo by Dan Tobyne.
Trying to keep up with the ongoing work on the Ardelle and at the time of writing the stern is bolted in tight. Today the gang are getting up another frame, with bulkhead and the propellor is in. Bernie Power was up high on some scaffolding he brought for Harold and his skills have been most welcome. Bernie is a retired building contractor who has worked in construction, carpentry and the trades throughout his career. He is originally from Prince Edward Island, Canada and has lived in the area for quite some time.

Now in his 70s, Bernie has told us that he likes to be busy, and he certainly has been working hard for us. Thank you so much Bernie. Next week he has a much deserved break with his family but he has certainly earned everyones repsect here in the short time he has volunteered here.