Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Change of Scene

Daisy Nell - the dog

Folks have been wondering why there have been fewer posts on the Boatbuilding with Burnham blog. Well, we have wondered if perhaps because it is the height of the sailing season there may not be quite so much interest in life around the yard. It is now past mid-summer and the sailing on the Ardelle has been devine. Check out the Facebook page and schoonerardelle website for any photos, fun updates or information of go to Maritime Gloucester.

This blog has been around for nearly two years and it was authored up until now by me...Laurie Fullerton and I lived in the house while the rest of you came to the yard each day to work on the schooner or then read about it here. Like so many other aspects of living in a boatyard and writing about the world around you, life becomes pretty public and the life I described in this blog seemed to draw so many people to our yard and everyone enjoyed seeing their own contributions documented and appreciated here.  The blog was started to document the building of the schooner Ardelle and what it really was about was all of you...people who worked on the schooner, came into the yard, people who became good friends, people whom we loved.  I tried to bring the experience of being a part of the building of the schooner Ardelle to life by celebrating all of those who helped and took part in it. I confess while the boat is sailing everyday in the charter trade we are finding that images tell the story so well that we urge you to go and have a look at the SailArdelle page. . If you want to be a part of the stories of the life on board the Ardelle, for now do check out the Facebook page or just go down to Mariitme Gloucester and go for a sail. You won't regret it!!www.schoonerardelle.com