Friday, July 30, 2010

A Different View of a Recent Launch

Our fearless president of the Essex Shipbuilding Museum sent over a batch of photos from the Sawdust launch which shows the launching from the perspective of the deck at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum building..the views were great and it is a good spot for taking photos. Thanks, Tia!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Finishing Up on the Loft Floor

Computers can now perform many of the tasks that were once the domain of the draftsmen and designers on the lofting floor but in Harold's opinion there is no better way to get the shape of the boat in your head than by crawling around inside the vessel on the loft floor. Like so many things Harold does, he finds a place for traditional methods. But, it is tough on the knees and after two weeks on the floor today is the last day in the lofting process. Harold is drawing the stations; the last step - and as Howard Chapelle wrote "having made certain that each section agrees in heights and half-breadths with its corresponding section or station on the profile and half-breadth plans," Harold has locked in the stations. As everything corresponds on the floor, Harold is nearly ready to complete one of the most important steps in the construction of the schooner. After the lofting is done, the process of making the patterns and moulds will begin.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Charter the Pinky Maine - A Good Time to Be Had by All

Now offering charters aboard the Pinky schooner Maine out of Gloucester, MA. Families, students, artists and rusticators of all types can now charter the Pinky schooner Maine with Capt. Harold Burnham for parties of up to six people on half-day, whole-day and overnight trips or longer. The Maine is an authentic 1830s Pinky schooner replica built by apprentices in Bath, Maine in 1986 and was purchased by Burnham Boatbuilding in 2006. After undergoing minor alterations and repairs by Burnham, the Maine offers a unique perspective from which to view historic Gloucester harbor and the nearby coastline. Aboard the Maine, passengers can walk the decks of this ancient vessel type and learn about fishing from historic vessels, haul lobster traps under sail, and also sail with other schooners including the Thomas E. Lannon, the Lewis H. Story and the Fame - all built by Capt. Burnham.

On our whole-day trips, we like to include arriving and departing at different destinations including a stop for an ice cream cone or walk about a nearby coastal community, or even climbing the lighthouse towers on remote island preserves. On our overnight trips, we can often circumnavigate "around the world"- our world being Cape Ann or visit the Isle of Shoals and beyond. We do have fun!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fairing-In-Of-The-Lines - The Mould Loft

Harold is now in the process of laying off the lines for the new schooner Pinky Ardelle from his drawings. On the mould loft floor, the process of drawing the lines of a vessel to full size in plan and elevation begins. The point is to determine the exact
dimensions of the most important and fundamental parts of the structure. The necessity for drawing to full size arises from the extreme accuracy with which the dimensions of the various parts must
correspond with one another in order that when assembled there may be no irregularity or unfairnessin the surface of the vessel. The lofting process is colossally important and the key is to make the curves true and regular. As written in 1912 by Richard M. Van Gassbeek of the Pratt Institute 'a mechanical eye will save a great deal of labor, for much depends upon the fairing-in of the lines, as considerable injury may be done to a good design by deviating from the drawings.'

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Good Time of Year to Sail on the Pinky Maine

Perry Burnham took this picture from the Pinky Maine on Tuesday as the sun went down on one of the hottest days of the year. This is a great time of year to charter as friends start visiting from out of town. Check out Burnham Boatbuilding to get summer visitors out on the Maine. It's the coolest  place on Cape Ann!