Thursday, September 24, 2009

Drawing the Lines to the New Schooner

Harold is finishing up the design for the new schooner he plans to begin building sometime within the next 12 months. In the photos shown here, he is working on the final line drawing . The photos show him lining up one of the sheer lines with Ducks given to him by the late William Duggan.
Harold completed the final drawing after building three half models and making three initial drawings. Our existing Pinky Maine built in Bath, Maine by the Apprentice Shop was the starting point for the new boat. Howard Chapelle had traced her lines from a half model he found in East Boothbay. For the new schooner, Harold started out with Chapelles' lines and made a model of the existing Maine first. After he made changes and did a second model, he developed construction arrangements and a sail plan. Additionally, he incorporated the changes he wanted to make by designing the new Maine to look more like the original vessel built in 1845 by Ebenezer Burnham. He drew the lines to that model and made a few more changes and drew another set of lines and then carved one more model and came up with the final line drawing on the Mylar.

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