Saturday, January 2, 2010

White Oak Logs - A Good Sign for 2010

A batch of beautiful white oak logs arrived just as the old year ended and 2010 may prove to be a promising one as these particular logs may be used to build a schooner. The delivery process is quick and efficient and soon enough Harold will be at the sawmill cutting them up into planks and storing them in the nearby drying shed. Currently, white oak is the preferred wood for boatbuilders so Harold was particularly pleased when this wood arrived. Anyone interested in learning more about Harold you can also go to his website at


  1. you want specifics or just general area? these are white oaks from around our area of Mass/New Hampshire. I can give you more details if you would like.

  2. hi harold- i just wondered how nearby they'd been cut . . . 10- or 30-mile radius? do you buy them or are they trees that needed to come down? i'm curious about the logistics and economics. i lived in the haverhill area for 15 years until 2000.

  3. Hello Harold ! Kathy and myself are going to follow your progress on the project ... please keep posting your progress. Hopefully, we'll be able to visit you this summer. We're the couple that rode our motorcycle from Ohio and stayed in Rockport. You took us both out on the Pinky Maine back in September. We loved it

    John and Kathy Bowles
    Ashville, Ohio