Friday, August 20, 2010

Perry Ardelle Burnham

There is a lot of excitement building for the Sept. 6 Frame Up day here in Essex, when the real visible beginnings of a new schooner take place. The name of the schooner will be the Pinky (that is the type) and Ardelle so we call it the Pinky Ardelle.  Ardelle was the name of Harold's grandmother and the house we live in and the boatyard were once her home... but equally important Ardelle is the middle name of Harold's only daughter, Perry Ardelle Burnham.  This is an older picture of Perry Ardelle, who is now 14, and she is today a beautiful she was then...and she is as comfortable and capable on a boat now as she was then, too, so long ago when this picture was taken. Go Perry!

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