Friday, January 14, 2011

Digging Out and Getting Ready

Todays Photo of the Ardelle

Harold and the Drill ... what a job!

Harold has more oil on him these days than a down duck

The scaffolding and staging is part of the challenge of boatbuilding in winter

Harold still at it here...but the bolt is in now

Steve Willard of Marblehead

A great panorama (before the recent storm)

We had over a foot of snow on Wednesday so besides digging out, Harold and the crew are getting ready to start planking. Harold was up in a nearby tree yesterday afternoon and when asked what he was doing up there, well, he was eyeing the sheer line and he has already started attaching thin battons to the frames and there is a real shape to the boat that the naked eye or passerby can clearly see.
Even though we are under a foot of snow, somehow spring does not seem so far off now and with the planking set to begin at the weekend or just after we are definitely turning a corner. Thankfully this last storm did not include high tides so the Ardelle is just snow covered but the crew can get around her. It is cold building a boat outside in the winter and thankfully we have a wood stove where everyone comes in for a mug up of coffee and lunch. A lot of people have been bringing over soups, stews and chili for lunches to feed the crew. It is a great way to help out and we heat it up on the wood stove and presto!  Sorry to the Fortune Palace (the local Chinese restaurant) for becoming infrequent customers for the lunch specials but thanks to everyone who has brought us lunch!)
Chuck Redman and Zach Teal

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