Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Schooner Races Back to Back

The past few days the Pinky Maine has done quite a lot of racing with the 25th annual schooner festival on Sunday and a Tuesday race from Gloucester to Provincetown. The Sunday schooner race was very exciting with some challenging conditions - a lot of wind and some tough tacking but we did well and placed somewhere in the middle of the fleet. On Tuesday, we entered the Fishermen's Race to Provincetown which is an event organized by a great group of folks from Provincetown who are encouraging more schooners to enter the race each year. With very little breeze the race was a challenge but the Pinky Maine ended up in third place in Class B. Not too shabby!

We also received some great footage from John Browne Videographer who shot the film from the deck of the Alabama. They include some nice footage of the Pinky Maine in the Gloucester race. Here is the link
John BrowneVideographer / ProducerPerkins slip renter.

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