Sunday, July 17, 2011

Anchors Aweigh - Boston Sunday Globe Story on the Launch of the Ardelle

A big thank you to Joel Brown, reporter for the Boston Globe for today's story about the launch of the Ardelle. Joel spent a couple of days here before the launch and then stayed the entire day for the actual launch so the story definitely reads well and he did a great job capturing the significance of it all. Thank you, Joel!

Here is the first paragraph and do go on and read the article with the link here

ESSEX - At high tide, it came down to teamwork and muscle.

Perhaps a thousand spectators watched from the Essex Shipbuilding Museum across the water last weekend as traditional shipbuilder Harold A. Burnham prepared to launch the 55-foot schooner Ardelle into the Essex River.

An announcer explaining the process called for quiet as Burnham and a dozen or so grimy volunteers carefully jacked the hand-built wooden boat, tipping it to lean on its port bilge. This was an old-school Essex side launch, providing extra buoyancy to keep the vessel from getting stuck in the muddy shallows, as it might if it went straight in on the keel.

Teenagers jumped off the nearby Route 133 bridge to swim. A policeman on a jet ski kept boaters at a safe distance. Someone handed out slices of watermelon.

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