Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where is the Ardelle?

The Ardelle on the ways last Sat., July 9. Where is she now?
Photo by Caitie Tobyne

Where's the Ardelle? She was last seen on this jack least before the launch.

Where's the Ardelle? She was on the ways until recently

Where's the Ardelle? Gordon Hertel got to watch her launch and saw her first frame go up. Hopefully, he will see other schooners built here throughout his lifetime. Anyway, the Ardelle is in the creek around the corner from here. She will be sailing very soon, at least that is what we hope. Should be the first week of August, here's hoping. Just have to get the masts done and some other items...Harold has a long list but he is hammering away at it.

Where's the Ardelle? An immense amount of work went on the night before the launch. Including fastinging the chain plates to the hull. Zach is down below tightening the bolts while in the next shot Zach and Henry are finishing up the chain plates on the outside of the hull.

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