Saturday, September 10, 2011

Schooner Fest 2011

Ardelle on the day of the race!

Harold and good friend Bill Cronin of Charlton, MA

We had about 39 on board for the schooner race. 

Three Burnham-built schooners..the Thomas E. Lannon, the Schooner Fame and the Schooner Ardelle

Ardelle sailing into inner harbor in Gloucester

Steve Willard, on bow of Ardelle looks at the Essex-built schooner Roseway.

Henry fires the are awesome, Henry!!

Dan Tobyne..who documented the entire building project for the year shoots with an artist eye. He is also one of the good ones all around. Thanks, Dan, for everything.

Our young miss does not like the sound of cannons!

Harold and the shipwrights, crew, family and friends.

The crew watches the Alabama at the start of the race. We need more cowbells, I mean topsails!

Looking over at the schooner Liberty Clipper

The afterguard...Uncle Stevie, Robin and Bill. 
The Alabama, American Eagle and the Ardelle at the start of the schooner race. Photo by Carl Gustin.
Getting ready for the start. Photo by Carl Gustin
The Ardelle and the American Eagle at the start of the schooner race.
Photo by Carl Gustin

Seriously, folks, the Ardelle is really comfortable with a big group!

We had the building crew on board for the Schooner race over Labor Day weekend...about one year almost to the day that we had Frame Up day - Labor Day 2010 - and the first frame for the Ardelle went we are Labor Day weekend 2011 and we are sailing in the schooner race. Thank you Mike Dyer and others for these photos!!

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