Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday and the Wind is Good

Harold is getting ready for a sail on Monday, Oct. 3 with the guys so we will be leaving port for five days or so starting Monday. He is going on his annual men's sail and the guys are quickly building bunks down below for the trip.  We do hope that the guys do keep track of the adventure and they often do have some stories to tell. They think the wind will be west so they may head to Maine ...

Anyway, today, Friday is a good day for a public sail and we will be available on Sunday, too.  Anyway, next week it will the men's chance to sail away from home...and these guys are funny...boatbuilders, tradesmen and professionals, they also cook, read, and discuss various topics. What I don't know for sure is if any one of them has ever done the unthinkable...gone shopping with a woman and held her handbag. I do not think so! That is OK, though. We still love you guys.

Photo by Barry O'Brien

Photo by Dan Tobyne.

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