Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Days Are Getting Longer ...

Chuck Burnham is caulking the tough parts - down underneath the vessel
Zach Teal is helping to clamp on a new plank
Still on high ground
Steve Willard carrying a newly steamed plank

Steve caulking
Trunnels cut - see what else you can do with them!
The vessel is at the eleventh strake now. It won't be long!
Great work going on this week in the good weather and we are now at the eleventh strake. We have Matthew and Alex Parkes home for spring break who are second semester sophmores from Keene State and University of New Hampshire respectively helping us today and they have been a huge help.  The crew is working long hours as the days get longer...there is that momentum to work until dark. It has been a great few weeks with the work really getting done - and it won't be long til the last plank goes up. We also had a visit from high school studen Grace Weatherall of Ipswich who wrote a great story about the Boatyard of Burnham Court for an English class. We can't wait to read it and thank you Grace for your interest and support.

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