Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Trek to Jim Aaron's Sawmill

Last Time any light gets through here we hope!

Where is Dan Standing when he takes this?

Clamping the steamed planks to the frames is crucial

Nice shape to these frames as they are planked below.

The planking is now being done on staging as it works up.

Today (Wednesday) is the long awaited day where Harold has driven out to western Massachusetts to Jim Aaron's sawmill. Harold is traveling with Davis Griffith of Marblehead using the Blue Ox (OK, it is a flat bed blue truck that has a crane) and they will hopefully, successfully, be traveling back with more beautiful wood for the planking. Harold paused planking yesterday...knowing he would have the wood he needs today. The wood he needs has been buried under massive snowdrifts for most of the winter..and each week of late Harold has called Jim hoping that some of the snowdrifts have subsided...well spring must be coming as the drifts are down and Harold and Davis seized the opportunity to travel there today...before the next snowstorm. We are looking forward to their return bearing oak planks!

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