Thursday, March 10, 2011

Planking is Going Around the Turn of the Bilge

Chuck Burnham caulking the Ardelle

Bruce and Steve fastening planks

Fastening a plank

Plank Coming out of the steam box

Plank coming out of the steambox
Trunnels are in
Plank going on

Planking has been going on a pace and Harold and the gang are rounding the turn of the bilge with two inch planks from Jim Aaron and  the pace really picking up. It is great to have the snow gone but the early March weather is still raw and cold at times so the shipwrights are really doing an amazing job after a long season working outside. When the days do get nice, we have had a lot of visitors coming by and were able to celebrate Bernie Powers' birthday on March 7 and had some cake in between hanging planks.  Dan Tobyne stopped by to take the above pictures and then drove up to Maine where he took these amazing pictures of a sled dog race. What a great eye Dan has!

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