Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sunday Sailin' and a Few Dan Tobyne Pics

Last Sunday, Dan Tobyne tooks some shots of the Ardelle and it was such a nice morning and the photos are so nice we wanted to post them here. We are having a great time so far doing charters in the afternoons out of the Maritime Heritage Center in Glouceseter (now called Maritime Gloucester). Yesterday, we had folks on board from Melbourne, Australia (yeah!), New Mexico, Michigan, San Diego, Calif., and Texas. It is a learning curve for me but many of the folks on board had really done their reading and research on Gloucester. They knew a lot about the area...and they even recognized the Maritime Gloucester location as the place where they filmed different scenes from the Perfect Storm. We didn't have as much wind as we wanted so we sailed along the shore and they got to see some kids jumping off the famous Greasy Pole, they watched the Blynman Bridge go up and we sailed along the Eastern Shore past Beauport. We saw a lot and I realized that just being in Gloucester itself is very cool, but being on the water and around the harbor is fantastic!  It is a working port, a living port, and a vital port..I think it is going to be great to get to know this place better!

Sailing off on a Sunday

A different perspective

Hope the earth is not flat.

Sunday morning sail

From left Chuck Redman, Harold, Robin Tattersoll, Bill Cronin and Kirk Williamson during the Mayor's Cup, Schooner Festival weekend.

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