Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Aft Frames are Bolted

Harold had six frames to untie and bolt up this week

Slowly they are all bolted up - but not in this picture as yet!

It is actually a long way down from here

Chuck Redman has done a beautiful job with the fore and aft kinghtheads

Planning the aft knighthead

Harold still needs to keep cutting to keep up with the boat's progress.
Another great set of photos by Dan Tobyne based on this weeks' work. The gang needed to get the after frames in place and they are now almost all bolted down. The knightheads fore and aft are going up. Work today is tough as it is bitter cold but by the weekend Harold hopes to put a tree on the forward end of the boat. A kind of symbol that the framing is done and the planking will begin. Sort of a great way to begin the new year! Make sure to check out Schooner Ardelle and maybe buy a trunnel...makes a great stocking gift!

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