Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year from Burnham Boatbuilding

Zach Teal, 15, has poured his time, energy and talent into this project.
It is backbreaking work to carry frames!

Trunnels are a key part of this schooner.

Great shot and it does take a lot of \hands to frame.

These frames are even heavier than they look.
Harold needed chains to keep the frame up at times - they are now bolted in with bronze rods

Chuckie with an old looking Harold. This is one of Dan's favorite photos!

Chuck Redman

Harold, picture here with   Zach Teal and Jeff Lane who are cousins.

A vew from the loft

Dan must have gotten into some of the mud to get this shot

Harold is adding ribands after the frames go up.

A patchwork of shapes and colors.

A great fall shot from the town dock

Harold doing some eye work

Chuck Redman, and Harold on the loft floor. Chuck did almost all of the moulding, great job!

Some framing went on well after sunset

There have been so many great photos taken this year with Dan Tobyne spending so many long hours shooting this project. We have also had contributing photos by Perry Ardelle Burnham and many others but truly, thank you, Dan, for so many great, great photos...half of them have yet to be posted so I have selected some that have not appeared and other favorites. It has been a great experience so far wathcing this schooner get built and so many people have helped. It really is an inspiring be continued...into 2011! Happy New Year! ... and thanks! HAB

Andy Spinney, center, and the start of something great!

Thanks, Perry Ardelle, too, for all your great photos!
Dan is up on the scaffolding here looking down

With five frames raised, the crew needed to straighten them out

The lofting floor will not be needed as much now

Chuckie Burnham

It looks like buff Santa

Rich Tofuri of Essex meets a seal above and Daisy contemplates her next move.

Alden Burnham and Harold..the oars were swept out of the boat so they made do.

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  1. Thanks Dan, Laurie, and Harold for sharing your story of the Schooner Ardelle construction. When sailing this summer, we will appreciate the experience all the more.

    Happy New Year!