Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice and We are Making Headway

Nice angle! Dan Tobyne is everywhere
It's been great to have Chuck Redman out of the loft (finished lofting) and down on the boat. Nice photo, Dan!

Harold at the stern

Attaching some more ribands

A nice view of the whole schooner

Harold and Zach Teal are bolting with a sledgehammer. Believe us, last minute Christmas shopping is what it feels like!

Steve Willard and Pierre Erhard also helped bolt the frames

Chuck Redman and Harold at the drafting table. Yes, the stove is elevated so that the lofting floor can be used.
It has been busy here at the yard and by today it looks like the last frame will be going up. Everything is in place and Harold will then be able to hang a Christmas tree off the bow. The crew have been working extremely hard and their tenacity has helped make this all happen. Folks have been buying trunnels and planks, too, and we thank you all for that.  Check out the website it you would like to purchase a last minute trunnel gift. The frames were going to be up this a.m. but it looks like the winter solstice decided to give us some astronomically high tides. Well, now that the days will be getting longer and the planking process will begin...perhaps there is some kind of feeling now that this will be a heck of a nice schooner.

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  1. Looking good, Harold! The check for the Tom Monahan plank will be in the mail soon! - Merry Christmas from Carolyn, Dusty and all the Manic Mountain Boys.