Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is It the Last Frame Yet? Yep!!

Schooner Ardelle hourly update
The Schooner Ardelle has all its frames in place now! yeah.
Harold called to say the last frame just went up and the Christmas tree is in place on the stern! Hooray. The Frame Up call will not be heard again for some time...but for now that is OK.  Take a break, perhaps, and celebrate Christmas. Planking starts soon enough!  Great job to Harold and the crew of Chuck Redman, Zach Teal, Bernie Power, Steve Willard, Jeff Lane, Frances Cleary,  Dan Tobyne, Aaron Snyder, Davis Griffith, Pierre Erhard, Jim Chambers, David Wyman, Andy Spinney Henry S., Geoffrey Richon, John Miles, Eric Borden, Dr. Robin Tattersall, Chuckie and Maria Burnham, Simon Koch, Dave Brown, John Drake, Perry and Alden Burnham, Daisy Nell and Stan, Joyce for her great Red Barrell Chowder, Carla our great neighbor and many more folks and passerbys and helpers that I am sorry to have omitted.  It could not be done without you!! Thanks, too, for buying our trunnels and planks!


  1. Congratulations! And Great Timing!

    Merry Christmas you all!

    Tony & Kay

  2. what a great christmas present to the WORLD.
    well done gang. Can't wait to see Schooner Ardelle out sailing around in Gloucester Harbor..and maybe over our way for a visit.

    Cheryl Andrews
    Provincetown Schooner Regatta

  3. Merry Christmas to Harold, Laurie and all the framers.

  4. Laurie & Harold,
    Stopped by yesterday when I was in Essex, walked around your yard so I'm sure you saw my footprints in the new snow. Quite impressive.

    Dick Woelflein
    Conway, NH