Saturday, April 28, 2012

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Ardelle heads for Gloucester this week! This photo was shot last summer but it won't be long before we set  sail again!

We will be located here at the docks of Maritime Gloucester, and they have put in a new, beautiful pier so folks can meander along the pier. The workmen spent all winter driving new pilings and re-building the pier. They did a fantastic job!

Ardelle and Schooner Fame will meet again this summer.  Check out Mike Rutstien, Capt. of the Schooner Fames' new book!
We will be situreated here all spring, summer and fall but there are some new, improved facilities for visitors to Maritime Gloucester. Cool.
We will be sailing around Gloucester all summer with our friends  Tom and Kay Ellis who own the Schooner Thomas E. Lannon! Looking forward to an old fashioned bang and go back race!
It is hard to believe that this time last year the Ardelle had her planks on but no deck beams, no deck, no rudder, no bowsprit, no paint, no varnish and no cabin tops....what a difference a year makes! As we have been getting the Ardelle ready for this coming charter season - and we are leaving Essex early this week as we have an educational charter on May 3 thanks to Maritime Gloucester, it is just hard to believe that getting ready this year involved painting and some varnishing, sanding, and cleaning..but that is about it!  Last year at this time, Harold and the crew had four months of very hard work ahead of them to complete the vessel. We had our first charter on Labor Day is hard to imagine we will be operating next week. As we have said many times, we could not have done it without you!

We are amazed, still scratching our heads, at where we were last year at this same time. See photo below compared to today's here.

About mid-May last year -2011. Wow, the painting and varnishing we did this spring was, well, nuthin' compared to last year! Again, thanks to so many who came to work!

This was what the stern looked like last year at this time. See the lovely Perry below finishing up the touches on the carved Ardelle name. What a difference!
This is what Perry and friend were painting last June compared to yesterday's touch up job below.

We had fun painting and varnishing this year...and thanks to those who came by to help! What a difference, though, from what Perry and friend were painting one year ago!

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