Sunday, April 22, 2012

'This Old House' Meets These Old Boats

This is actually Cogwell Grant - a preserved property down the road from here.
It was quite interesting around the yard on Friday as the steambox was going full on as Chad and Harold worked on bending frames for the Double Eagle which is being worked on in the Burnham yard. Meanwhile, work is going on aboard the Ardelle as we are getting her ready for the summer charter season. Additionally, spar work is going on for the Schooner Adventure.  Throughout all of this, we were visited by a production team for This Old House - an award winning program that many of you have heard of. This show has been ongoing since 1972 and has won 17 Emmy awards and 82 Emmy nominations. Tom Silva, a 22-year veteran of the show is a native of Lexington, Mass so we imagine he is pleased to be in his homestate for awhile. This Old House is spending about eight months in Essex restoring a home here (see story here) and they are scoping out the area for some side stories. Well, we think they came to the right place when they stopped by the yard Friday and the cameramen were particularly interested in the place. There is a lot to see and from many happened to be a beautiful day and we are pretty convinced that we live in a really unique place down here in the Essex river basin. We think they liked it, too and hope they come back again!
Harold is expecting some new clothes from Carhartt anyday now!

Chad and Harold working on the Double Eagle

Bruce is attaching leather to the gaff jaws for the schooner Adventure

Harold is talking with members of the production team of This Old House

Dave Brown is carrying the mast of the Dunno - a Turnabout sailboat his son Owen is going to sail out of Gloucester this summer!

Owen and Dave Brown working on the Turnabout

The good old furnace makes the steambox work well.

Members of This Old House production team had fun scoping out the Burnham yard

The film crew may be back!

Meanwhile, the cameraman for This Old House got some great shots of Essex last week

A great town to film!

Chad and Harold are bending a rib that just came out of the steambox. Members of This Old House production team look on.

We thought they might like to do a sequel called This Old Boat.

The rib is going in...

No small feat getting this rib in as members of This Old House team look on.

The guys did a pretty good job of it!

Perry Ardelle Burnham

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