Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mast Hoops for the Schooner Adventure and Life in the Yard

There are many reasons why we love Justin Ingersoll..his boatbuilding skills, maple sugaring, turkey calling, deer hunting, snowboarding self is also a real car buff and although he normally drives a 1960-era Pontiac Le Mans he did retrieve his GTO (OK, help me out here...I am not sure of the type) from his home in western New York state. Justin is finishing up work on the Tea Party ships and will be heading to Boston to work on them. The ships will be located at the Children's Museum in Boston.

Chad Gadbois, who is working on the Double Eagle refit here in the yard, Justin and Harold stopped for a mintue so I could snap this shot. Great to have you guys around!

Harold, Bruce Slifer and Alden Burnham are  bending steamed oak to make masthoops for the schooner Adventure.

Bruce Slifer has been doing a ton of voluteer work on the spars and rigging for the schooner Adventure. 

The steambox is going to soften the oak.

Nice hoop!

Daisy and her favorite pillow.

Spring in the boatyard

Things are moving on all cylinders here at the yard. A lot of different projects underway bringing back old friends and family who are all helping out. Alden Burnham, 18, is doing his final senior project here so it is great to have him around during the day. Chad, Bruce, Justin, Tom Ellis, Bernie Powers, Chuck Redman, Henry Sostek and many others have been dropping by or working here this past month. So, it is great to have so many hands here. The schooner Ardelle will be departing the yard in a few weeks for our first charter in Gloucester on May 3 but for a little while we hope to have her in the basin...her favorite spot for Essex residents as they get to see her to and from town or on their way to work in the a.m. Anyway, the bugs are not out yet but the days are getting longer. Its a good time to stop by so come by and see what we are up to.

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  1. GTO = Pontiac

    Bill Kelleher