Friday, April 6, 2012

Some Good Folks We Met on the Way to Searsport

The lecture at the Penobscot Marine Museum was great and we all had a good time. Dan and Harold really impressed the folks who attended and there were some real good folks there including our host Matt Murphy, editor of Wooden Boat magazine and his family Holly, Linus and baby Oden. Also, boatbuilder Ralph Stanley of Southeast Harbor, Me and Captain Havilah Hawkins of Sedgwick, Maine who takes Maine teens out sailing through the organization Windward Passage, folks like Maynard Bray, our friend Rick Miles who is captain of Wanderbird expedition cruises whose ship is in nearby Belfast, Maine, among many other good people who really were impressed with the work done on the Ardelle, the volunteer effort and Dan's photos. We also showed Len Burgess' launch video at the end of the event and there were a lot of hoots and shouts from the audience as they watched the boat race down the bilgeway. Great time and hope to get down east again soon!

Prior to the talk at Penobscot Marine Museum, we stopped to see Jim Sharp who has his own museum in Rockland. He has a great collection of items and his place is called Sharp's Point - sail, power and steam museum in the old Snow shipyard. He is standing next to a model of the schooner Adventure which he formerly owned and sailed in the windjammer fleet out of Camden Maine for many years.

A shot of Jim Sharp's model of the schooner Adventure which hangs proudly at his museum.

Another shot of the Adventure

Harold and Jim look over the Friendship sloop he and some other folks are restoring at Sharp's Point.

After the lecture at the Penobscot Marine Museum, we all went out to dinner and it was Chuck's birthday. He is pictured here with Patty next to the big brown bear at the restuarant. Chuck went to Bowdoin College and just wanted to be in Maine fo rhis birthday...and it was worth it as he really enjoyed the presentation by Harold and Dan.

Just a typical scene on the road to Castine

Lots of schooners getting ready for the upcoming windjammer season

Over St. Patricks Day weeekend we were at the Portland Maine Boatbuilders show. These guys are doing great work with Thanks Pam Fullerton for the photo!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Harold! It was great to meet you and Pam at the Maine Boatbuilders Show. We're looking forward to getting out on the water with you this summer.

    1. Great to meet you Josh and thanks so much for giving us such great information about We think you have a great product and wish you all the best! Harold

  2. That schooner in the second to last photo is beautiful. You know its spring time, when the covers come off, and the smell of varnish fills the air! My wife and I recently sailed from Galveston TX, to Jacksonville FL. We did it for the Superbowl a couple of years back, and enjoyed the city and people so much we had to go back. I agree, it isn't so much getting where you want to go, but who you meet along the way. Thanks, great read.