Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Ongoing Tradition of the Photographer and the Boatyard

Dan Tobyne taking a photo of Chuck Redman working on the stern.
Dan is picured here assisting Harold at the bandsaw.
One of Dan's many excellent photos taken this past month
Throughout the years, the boatyards of Essex drew photographers to the yards where they became both part of the crew and in turn documented the work of building a wooden schooner. In the 1930s, the late John Clayton took pictures of the ongoing work at the Jake Story yard. In the 1990s, Lou Joceyln chronicled the building of Tom Ellis' schooner the Thomas E. Lannon. Lou was originally from Nova Scotia and had lots of stories to tell and kept the crew entertained. Last heard, Lou was traveling around the country in his RV with his lady friend. We miss him! The Fame was chronicled by cartoonist Michael Scagliotti, who is now an instructor at the Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco and captured through timed photography and turned into a film by cousin Steven Hastings.  Meanwhile, the Isabella was photographed in part by Chrissy Piper and Randy Robar with a film by Steve Hastings and so ... in keeping with that tradition we welcome Dan Tobyne of Hamilton.  Dan is a professional photographer and native New Englander who has been involved in photography for more than 40 years. Early in his career as a teacher of at-risk youth, he helped develop a wilderness education program that used photography as a behavior-modification tool.  His work is on display in public and private collections throughout New England and is featured in the books Boston's Emerald Necklace, Thoreau's Cape Cod and Thoreau's Maine Woods. He has been down here at the boatyard quite a lot since early August. His photographs are remarkable and we really appreciate his company!

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