Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stern Post is Nearly Complete

Chuck Redman cut out the stern post here. Harold is pitctured below finishing it up. The propellor apperture is cut, the rabbit line is scored on the side and he cut a tenon on the bottom of it which will fit into a mortice on the keel.
Harold is pictured here boring some holes into the top of the stern post which will sit level when its erected The holes are going to be filled with linseed oil and turpentine which will be re-filled regularly and will soak down through the post...preserving it for many years we hope!

The stern post is nearly complete and the hood ends of all the planks will attach there. According to our friend the late Dana Story in his book the Building of a Wooden Ship "the skeleton of a ship is composed of many parts. While some of the gang are assembling frames, others are getting out the timbers which form the end of the vessel.." In our case, the gang is made of volunteers and an apprentice and they are doing everything at once, including milling the timber.

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