Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stern Post Is Up and A Job Well Done

The tenon joint - part of the mortise and tenon joint - that fits the stern post to the keel

The tenon joint of the stern post fit perfectly into this  mortise. Nice job, Chuck!

The stern post is being moved into place using the sheer legs.

The mortise and tenon joint fits nicely.

It looks pretty cool!

With the stern post now in place, we wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to Chuck Redman.
... Just as we were finishing the lofting process back in July, Chuck called the boatyard to ask about a day charter on the Pinky Maine. But, he said, what he really wanted to do was talk to Harold. "You're talking to him," Harold said. As it turned out, Chuck had applied to boatbuilding school in Maine and had to let the school know by the end of the week if he was going to attend. He came by on his Harley motorcycle on a Sunday and talked to Harold. After that serendipitous visit, he called the school and said no thanks.

Chucks first job as apprentice here at the yard was to check our lofting, create a table of offsets, do a small scale drawing and make a half model of the Ardelle ... all of which he completed in his first two and a half weeks here. From there, he has gone on to making all the molds and putting the bevels on them. He has also helped build all of the frames and yesterday, using our sheer legs, we hoisted the massive stern post that he built and his mortise and tenon joint fit perfectly. Chuck comes from a lifetime in business, operating an international family-owned company, so we appreciate his incredible work ethic and abilities. His family and friends are great, too!

Chuck, Harold and Simon Koch use the sheer legs to move the stern post into place.

Great work, Chuck!

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