Monday, September 6, 2010


Shout is heard for FRAME UP!
First Frame Going up...

Frame is VERY heavy!

It was a great day in Essex and at the Burnham yard yesterday during the FRAME UP event . Many volunteers help to raise three frames with only about 22 frames more to go! But, the outpouring of interest and support was inspiring and many visitors had a chance to sign the keel and get up close and personal as they gathered in the barn to watch the men drive trunnels into the futtocks and haul the frame out to the resting keel. There are many people to thank but to name a few we would like to thank Chuck Redman,  his gal Patty, Andy Spinney, Pierre Erhard, Davis Griffith, Steve Willard, young Zack Teal and his cousin, Jeff Lane, Francis Cleary, Bill Cronin , Steven and Tom Hastings and the folks at Essex shipbuilding Museum and many others!. Great work everyone!

A view from the dock to the barn of the first frame
The crowd was great and three frames went up!


  1. Great day monday, great project; and BTW Jeff Lane is Zack's cousin, not uncle, lol, I'm his uncle (and Jeff's dad)

  2. Great Job Laurie - could you post something on the history of Pinky's Everyone at work here wants to know.