Friday, September 3, 2010

Putting the Worm Shoe on the Keel Bottom

The worm shoe going on the bottom of the keel

The keel bottom BEFORE the worm shoe is added.
Chuck Redmond applies tar to the keel bottom
Sealed Tight!
The worm shoe is a piece of thick wood that goes onto the bottom of the keel like a layer cake. Picturedhere is Steve Willard of Marblehead and Harold with the wormshoe on the bottom of the keel while Chuck Redman applies the tar to the exposed part of the keel which will then be covered with wood.  According to one definition, a sacrificial worm shoe is a non-structural piece of wood, fixed to the underside of a wooden boat. One of the great advantages of a traditionally built wooden boat is that damaged parts can be replaced. Unfortunately, those underwater parts which are most likely to be damaged by a grounding are the most difficult to replace, hence the worm shoe.

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