Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Work Is Progressing on the Ardelle

Bow is coming together

Putting the pieces together

Harold, Jeff and Zach working on frame number six.

This frame is nearly ready to go

Photographer Dan Tobyne has been continuing with his excellent work while things come together on the stem and with the next plank. Besides Dan's great photographs, we also have on our website's front page the ability to update photos of the progress of the Ardelle. Steve Hastings, Harold's cousin, and Sue Hastings have been working hard on perfecting three cameras around the yard that take photographs every 15 minutes or so. Anytime you log on to Burnham Boatbuilding you can catch the latest shot.

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  1. In the picture "PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER" a temporary sled is being used to guide some sort of cutting tool. Can you give me more info?