Saturday, June 4, 2011

Some Nice Shots by Perry

Chuck Redman on the staging. Photo by Perry Ardelle Burnham

Zack on his way up the staging. Photo by Perry Ardelle Burnham

Harold helps launch the Fat Cat - owned by the Hasting cousins

Harold pops out of the that the deck is on that will no longer be possible from this angle

Cole Neugebauer gets a look at the Ardelle - as he gets ready to paint. Photo by Perry Ardelle Burnham

Saturday the epoxy was not quite dry after yesteday's work so the crew had a lot of different tasks to work on. We took time out after lunch to all hop on the schooner Maine for one last ride down river before she is - well - put down.  The Maine will just be an historic relic after we remove cabin tops and other items from her over the next few days. It was great to have one more sail on this great boat. We have had some fun on her! Perry Ardelle, Harold's daughter, sent us some photos from just a few days ago which are great. Thanks, Perry!

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