Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Deck is Going Down for Good this Time

We have a nice couple from Switzerland here who liked what they saw..and may come back and help work on the Ardelle. They are traveling around the USA in a is a big country but they say the people around here are very friendly. We think so, too.

Today the deck is going to be put down..for the final time..after rain and tornado warnings put things on hold yesterday. The crew is putting down the deck for the rest of today and tomorrow while people are stopping by...from as far away as Switzerland and Australia ... to say hello and have a look. So, things are busy but going well..the weather is finally ideal. Also, Eric Graves of Boothbay Harbor Shipyard also stopped by this a.m. on his way back from Logan Airport. He had been in Lunenberg, Canada checking out the work on the Bluenose II. It was great to see Eric and he did some varnishing before heading back home to Boothbay Harbor, Maine.
Harold and Chuck are putting down the mahogany plywood deck today. It does not take long once they get going and is like a puzzle.

Chuck Burnham is handing up pieces of the deck

Steve Willard is in "Arlene's Cabin" sanding the deck beams

Jim Chambers has been a huge help varnshing the mahogany plywood decks today.

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  1. Harold,

    You are an inspiration to us all! With your generous and enthusiastic crew of volunteers, Ardelle will be in the water soon!

    Thanks from all your fans,