Monday, June 20, 2011

Shout Out to the School Kids

This picture includes Essex Elementary School children and Nancy Dudley, the museum's educational director.

Today is one of the last few days of school and the intrepid and hardworking Nancy Dudley and crew at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum have done an amazing job bringing kids to the yard, from all over the country. Today is a special day as the kids are from right here in Essex. The elementary school here has been a big supporter of the Schooner Ardelle. Over the winter, the second graders - with the help of the very talented Daisy Nell and her band composed a song about a mouse that stowed away on the schooner Ardelle. Now, Daisy has written a children's book called the Stowaway Mouse.. You can hear the song on this YouTube video. It's great!

Essex Elementary kids chat with Harold. Photo by Barry O'Brien

Essex Elementary children. Photo by Barry O'Brien

Photo by Barry O'Brien

Nancy Dudley, left front, is the educational director of the Essex Shipbuilding Museum. Nancy is a great asset to the museum and she always comes by to help whenever needed. She also never forgets to bring a dog cookie for Daisy! Thanks for everything, Nancy!  
Photo by Barry O'Brien

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