Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Looks Like We Are Launching on July 9!

Here's hoping that the schooner Ardelle launches Saturday, July 9 There was a vigorous debate amongst some weary boatbuilders at lunch yesterday and they all want to see the job finished up right..but are also anxious to see it splash with a bit of fanfare. Because of some factors at hand, Harold has made the call this a.m. to launch her on Saturday, July 9. So, make your plans to come by here or to the Essex Shipbuilding Musuem for the best views. We will provide more details soon.  Also, on Thursday, June 30 the museum is hosting a covered dish supper and slide show by our own Dan Tobyne. We are also going to have a tour of the boat. It all starts at 7 p.m. but please do sign up for the supper through the museums website and the link here is to their email address so you can sign up for the supper and if you have a dish to bring, let them know. Thanks!!!
 Dan Tobyne has gotten everyone in these pictures really putting their backs into the work. We see a lot of focused faces now..the last weeks of a project like this are exhilarating and exhausting. And, for all you kiddies out there, there will be a putty party very soon. That means we need you kids to help us putty the entire stay tuned for that. We think Perry is in charge of that job and will take recruits!

Frances Cleary is working on the rudder
Steve Willard is one of the strongest men we know and is outpacing everyone as he fares the hull

Harold and Chuck work in the focsle

Boatbuilding is a thankless job!

Zach, 16,  (left) has literally gotten taller, older and wiser before our eyes since he started last year

Harold has to sand after Steve grinds the hull. All will be glad when this part of the project is done.
This is a bit of Yankee ingenuity and requires a strong back, too. Bruce Slifer sanding the masts
This looks like fine ahht to me. Thanks, Dan!
Perry and Cole painting the frames..more back bending work!
Wish we could see the future through these mast hoops
Everything must be carried up the staging - including the samson post! Chuck Redman pictured.

We just see so many shipwrights leaning into the job. Very seriously trying to finish now!

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