Sunday, June 12, 2011

Full Steam Ahead - Deck is Down and Cabin Tops will Be Put in Place Very Soon

Cool interior shot by Dan Tobyne

Mast will be ready to go soon...see photos below. The really good ones are by Dan Tobyne

Bowsprit and planking

A great photo

Bruce has now finished the mast!

Great job, Bruce!

Mast looks great!
 A lot of work is going on this week and we  are closing in on a number of things...but one great thing that happened this week is that Bruce Slifer finished off the mast (with some sanding help from Charles Burnham) and did so in near 100 degree heat so it was great to see that finished. The cabins and engine are out of the Maine and will be put into the Ardelle this week, the deck is on, the stanchions are going up, the rudder is being built, Davis Griffith is building a bowsprit and Frances Cleary is working on the rudder. It is great to see some of the old crew back who have worked with Harold on the Fame, Isabella, the Lannon and other projects. We also had Nate Piper stop by yesterday - and he is involved in a Gundalow building project in Portsmouth, NH so it was great to see old and new friends around the yard! With good weather forecast for this week, it should be a productive week with lots of items getting done.

Carold and Dick Fullerton (Laurie's Mom and Dad) brought pulled pork , coleslaw and brownies for lunch on one of the super hot days..we had to eat inside it was too hot!  But, great meal and thanks Mom!

It has been a long time since Labor Day - early September - when the first frame for the Ardelle went up

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